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  • You can take a look at it here:

    Virtual tour

    This was supposed to be a very simple virtual tour. Just 1 scene, a video and show some information about the students.
    But then the number of requested features grew and grew...
    - When hover the students show their names.
    - When click on the students show a picture and information about them.
    - Can this information be shown as a hotspot? Yes sure.
    - Is in possible to add a photo gallery for each student and a main gallery displaying photos of the event? Mmm yes...
    - Can the hotspot be closed either clicking on it or clicking on the student? Mmm Mmm certainly...
    - Do you think a hotspot should be closed when a new one it's opened? Actually that makes sense...

    So I ended with a genuinely amazing and big xml file with 1,400 lines!

    I think all the effort and time spent in front of the computer worth it.


  • couple of thing i found so far.

    clicking on 1 of christians examples the large photo cuts into the thumbnail pack and sits over some of the thumbs and under others. check the zorder so it pops on top or align the pop outs with the thumb pack as the parent and align the photos on the right hand side so they always pop on the left side of the thumbnail pack.

    same thing with Troy Grant his photos pop over and under some thumbs and are distorted like the width and height and not set right it looks wierd.

    also when clicking on a student I would add a 'lookto' action. clicking on a student shows thier thumbnail pack but it is off the screen, center the student onclick then open thier demo.

    when showing the gallery it might be nice to have a 50% transparent mask laid under the gallery but on top of everything to kinda separate things when it is open.

    just a few small things. really nice i like the concept.

  • Oh!

    Thank you very much for the feedback!!

    The 'look to' action is a really good suggestion! I added it to the
    virtual tour.

    The main gallery have a mask but I prefer to show the hotspots gallery
    without mask. Adding the mask reduces the 'hotspot effect' is my

    Regarding the issues:

    - The big photo overlapping the thumbnails is not zorder fault. It's my fault. *tongue* I forgot to resize the original picture.

    - The other issue, the vertical photographs appearing distorted because their width was stretched to the same width as the horizontal photographs. The funny thing was that this didn't happen all the time.

    This is how I generated the photographs:

    At the beginning I didn't have the width and height property. When you pointed out that the images were distorted I thought adding a empty property would solve the problem. But in didn't. Then I noticed I mistyped 'width' (I typed 'widht'). So now it's solved. *wink*

    If anyone else sees something that looks weird please let me know.


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