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    i have not had a chacne to really test this but i like what i have read. this is a very nice addition to our plugin collection. is the plugin ready yet? i see it states that it is a commercial plugin but i also see a free unlimited use coming. is this going to be pay or free?

  • VN2009

    Plugin is ready to use. You can download the examples and test its functionality.
    Note that the examples will work only offline / locally. This is the limitation of the demo version.
    If you want to use this plugin online (i.e. in the Web) - it must be purchased. There is no limitations in full version.
    Plugin's page have been updated. Product price and purchase link have been added.

  • No, the source files is not included and I have no plans to sell the source files.
    Why are you need it?

    We need to adept it to fit our krpano template system needs (basicly I want my interface to control the information for swfadress, rather then putting an xml node and let swfadress read it out). But if the source isn't available, then I have to re-create it. :) thanks anyways, maybe Ill try it out for just 10euro ;)

  • We need to adept it to fit our krpano template system needs (basicly I want my interface to control the information for swfadress, rather then putting an xml node and let swfadress read it out). But if the source isn't available, then I have to re-create it. :) thanks anyways, maybe Ill try it out for just 10euro ;)

    Don't understand why the manual mode of the plugin don't fits your needs?
    Manual mode is designed to give you a full control under the url.

  • a onclick of a hotspot, fires a pseudo function events.changepanorama(1); which is binded to the flash interface I created, it looks up from a different xml, which xml to load, what the name is of the location, which colors, which map, where to put radar etc. So it's based on an id, not a name. Setting your plugin on manual, would require a number to make events.changepanorama(1) work,

    <action name="activatepano">

    and somdomain.com/1 isn't a logical url, they want http://somedomain.com/hotel. I could create a other flash function that gets the xml url on base of a panorama name (events.changepanoramabyname), but a panorama name isn't unique, you can have a lot of hotels for example. I have to rethink a bit of my architecture I guess. Would it be possible to allow a extra fragment? for instance http://domain.com/hotels/1 (so if there are more panoramas with the name hotel, take the first one, ofcourse this is something I need to script). the fragment of hotels/1 would be parsed to the flash function and I could do a simple str strip.

  • Well, if your flash interface is perfoming data lookup process for each pano, it is not a problem to get the needed values for panorama id from your data xml file and call plugin methods from your interface functions (e.g.):

    krpano.set("plugin[swfaddress].value", value);krpano.set("plugin[swfaddress].title", value);

    It's also possible to set the path as /hotel/1.

  • i ended up buying this plugin from Jaydee and it is a treat once setup correctly. i have a very unique tour that he helped me tweak and adjust settings to get swfaddressing working in manual mode. he has been great help even after the purchase! the best thing i likeabout swf addressing is that once setup you can drop a user into any 360 directly even if it is not your starting xml and it loads the entire tour skin.

  • Update to plugin have been released. The major changes include:

    • Now plugin works only with swfaddress.js script v2.5, lower versions is no longer supported due to the several bugs in them.
    • New auto mode supports both XML files and scenes simultaneously
    • action attribute is deprecated and replaced with the onurlchange event
    • path and title attributes now supported in automatic mode
    • Added support for copying the escaped (URL-encoded) version of URL
    • onxmlcomplete event added to pano subnode

    View changelog and documentation for the details.

    Also, you might want to take a look at the example, which demonstrates the e-mail link sharing.

    All current customers will recieve update for free. My contact e-mail is listed on this page. Use that to request the updated version of the plugin. Don't forget to include your registration info (first name, last name and e-mail) in the body of message.

    P.S. Many thanks to all customers for the feedback!


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  • I'm excited to present you a nice free addition to the SWFAddress plugin - URL shortener plugin.
    It uses the bit.ly API to shorten URLs. So, now you can use both plugins to share a nice short link to particular view in your virtual tour! Check it out!
    Also, this plugin makes possible to share SWFAddress plugin links on Facebook! (By default, the Facebook sharer can't properly parse SWFAddress plugin links due to some bugs in parser).

    You can use the Bit.ly URL shortener plugin for free in your projects. Get plugin and example from the examples package on SWFAddress plugin page!

    Documentation for Bit.ly URL shortener plugin:


    • apikey - your bit.ly API key (Signup for API key)
    • login - your bit.ly login (If you are already logged in, see your API key and login here)
    • version - current plugin version (1.0) (read only)
    • onsuccess - event, which indicates that requested URL is successfully shortened.
      Must contain a special variable %URL (placeholder, if you like), which will be replaced with recieved short URL.
      Also, it may contain the following placeholders: %HASH and %USER_HASH (see the bit.ly API documentation)
    • onerror - event, which indicates that requested URL can't to be shortened

    interface functions:

    • shorten(url, escape); - triggers an URL shorten request to bit.ly service.

      • url - an URL, that must be shorten. can be a direct URL (e.g. https://krpano.com/plugins/) or krpano variable (e.g. data[link].content))
      • escape - an optional boolean flag, that indicated that url must be escaped (URL-encoded) before shorten. true or false, default = false.
        Important note. bit.ly service requeries that URL must be escaped before sended, if you do not use the escaped version of URL (e.g. fullurlescaped attribute value of SWFAddress plugin), set this parameter to true.

    Example XML code:


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