• Hello Everybody,
    I been using krpano for some time now. I never had a problem with le license since now.
    I always did my tour this way:

    FOLDER: evrything inside, license, js files etc..... and i did that for every tour i upload.

    now i want to do something diferent, just one folder with all de license files, and js files etc...
    and in another folder all de tours.

    So i don't have to upload licence everytime, so i just up load the new html, the new xml tour and tiles.

    I did that, locally it runs perfect, but when i go online i get a license error, here is my tour with the error:


    plase any can help me with this.?


  • I am having the same issue. I use all files separate, swf, license etc. But suddenly all my tours not working now giving "Licese Error". I will appreciate if anyone can help, it happened in last few days.

  • Hi,

    since the version the MAKE PANO droplets are embedding the viewer license into the swf file by default (changeable by the "embedlicenses" setting in the .config files),

    that means you would need to have the krpano.license viewer license file also in the tools folder,
    when it is not there, the generated files will be in demo mode (there should have been a warning on the screen),

    best regards,

  • but when i using just krpano.swf there is no problem - i place krpano.license in the same folder and its working propertly.
    so, i can create DEMO tour, when replace tour.swf -> krpano.swf, and no license problem. Only bad pano with watermark.

    Problem only with tools, its not working correctly.
    system - windows 7 x64.

  • i found in license.txt this info:

    License Files:
    o krpano.license - License for the Flashplayer-based krpano viewer.
    o krpanotools.license - License for the krpano Tools.
    o krpanoiphone.license.js - License for the HTML5-based krpano viewer.
    o krpanobrandingfree.license - Branding Free License.
    o bingmaps.license.xml - License for the krpano Bing-Maps Plugin.

    well, for tools - need 2 license files (different krpanotools).

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