Scene prev next buttons with multiple xmls

  • Hi,

    I`m building a tour using the scene tags. For several reasons i had to store the scenes in multiple xml files. Each xml represents a level in a building, so I've got
    different thumbs and different maps for each xml file. So far so good - but now I would like to use Klaus' prev next buttons example.

    So the problem with this example is that as soon as i go to another level in the building, meaning opening another xml, the scenes in this xml are also used for the prev/next action when i go back to the start-scene.

    It looks like krpano stores all the scenes in the ram, independent from the xml which contain them.
    Is there any solution for this, so that the prev/next actions include only the scenes from the current xml?

    Thank in advance & regards

    Code of Klaus' example:

  • You see that it's checking the scene array each and everytime to count the scenes and check if it's got to loop around and whether it goes up or down in the load index.

    you need to store the xml and scene of where you came from and what your next xml is, and if you are leaving your index negatively or positivity you know you need to change xmls.
    Your next scene in a new xml will always be 0 but you don't know how many scenes were in your previous xml unless you saved it.

  • Hi,

    thanks for your answer. Yeah - I understand the problem and what the solution should be. But I don't see any way how the code has to look like and how it could be done with the xml reference to save the number of scenes of the previous xml?

    Best regards,

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