increase krpano performance - best settings ?

  • Hello,

    Recently, i have developed with friends several applications with krpano. The app was installed on hard drive so the performances were really good (off line version / output format : standalone app).
    Now, we want to create an online version.

    I've made some changes in order to increase performances :

    - Reduce images size.
    - Reduce fisheye parameter

    I've also tried to reduce "fps"and "details".

    Any idea ?

    What do you suggest to improve performances ?

    Which image size do you choose (cubical) ?

    Thanx !

  • use cube faces
    fps around 30
    details around 30
    no fisheye at all unless you must
    no architectual at all unless you must
    save images for web through photoshop use jpegs then save those at 70% quality
    everything in 1 xml do not use includes
    set the tiles to progressive so they start downloading in the current view then continues to download the rest in the background.
    flash 10 on
    flash10movequality low
    flash10stillquality high or highsharp

    off the top of my head.

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