6Cube Faces or Multiresolution? HELP please.

  • Hello everybody,

    I am struggling trying to understand what is better, if using a 6 cube face or a multiresolution.

    For my tours i am using a size of equirectangular image of 7000x3500, and a max cube face of 1400px. After i use the dropplet i get a 2.5 mb archive for each pano, and only 6 images.
    If I use Kmakemultiress i get 263 little images 3 levels and a size of 8.6 mb.

    I want to know if it is really much faster loading and if it is better to use multiresolution images for the tours.

    Please it has been like a month working on this, and i can't figure it out myself.



  • With cubefasces as small as 1400 just stay with them.

    However 1400 is far to small for todays screens.
    On my iMac 27 you need 2048 to get resolution 100% resolution even with a very large fov of 105 diagonal.
    My zoom is simply locked if I use the max 100% resolution option.

    However if you want to support Android with flash, 1400 single cubefaces is the larges without crashing and with decent performance. However if you use multi tiled the performance is perfect even up to gigapixel sizes.
    I assume that this better performance of KRPano multi tiled panoramas also is valid for older slow processor systems.


  • If you want the best support for both Desktops, Android and iPhone , iPad you can choose to make 3 levels with the max at 2048 and with tiles 512x512.
    This means they can be used also for HTML5 on iPad and iPhone.

    You do not ned the mobile and tablet images.

    Thats how I now do them at panoramas.dk.
    For even larger quality I go up to 4096 as max and make 4 levels.


  • I am just testing the iPhone solution and have found a strange problem that I cannot understand the reason.
    I made 6 cubes normal pano with iPhone images of resolution 512 (<mobile> tag in xml) . Looking in iPhone 3Gs the panorama does not look good at all.
    Made a multires of the same pano with iPhone images of resolution 512 (<mobile> tag in xml) but looking in the same iPhone the panorama looks much much better.

    *question* If mobile images are loaded in both cases, why the huge difference in the quality?


    The Multires xml has the following image tags/attributes:
    <image type="CUBE" multires="true" tilesize="503" progressive="false">
    <level tiledimagewidth="3018" tiledimageheight="3018">
    <level tiledimagewidth="1509" tiledimageheight="1509">
    <level tiledimagewidth="755" tiledimageheight="755">

    The CUBE xml has the following image tags/attributes:
    <image type="CUBE">

    Note that the mobile and tablet images are identical for both...

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