Problem with polygonal hotspots and combobox

  • I am attempting to create a tour that has 5 panos. There is a combobox as well as hotspots on the panos that allow the user to navigate to a different pano. Everything is working fine with the exception of the polygonal hotspots I have on one of my panos. Using the pointers on a previous thread, I created polygonal hotspots that "blink" to catch the users attention. These are not for navigation but just for an informational pop-up box.

    The problem is if I use the combobox to navigate away from the pano with blinking polygonal hotspots (let's call it pano1) and then come back to pano1, the blinking polygonal hotspots are not there. If I click on the navigational hotspots instead of using the combobox to go to another pano and then come back to pano1, the blinking polygonal hotspots are there. The code I am using to load the polygonal hotspots is below:

    <krpano version="1.0.8" onstart="hotspotblink(info1);hotspotblink(info2);">

    <action name="hotspotblink">
    tween(hotspot[%1].alpha, 0.8, 1.0, default, tween(hotspot[%1].alpha, 0.2, 1.0, default, hotspotblink(%1)) );

    Also, I have keep=true property when declaring the actual hotspot.

    Any ideas? DO I need to use scenes to make this work how I intend? Thanks.

  • you could instead of creating the actual polygon hotspots using hotspot code make an action that creates them instead. run that action onstart or onloadcomplete then each time the pano is visited the hotspots will be created ondemand. when you leave the pano they would disappear. wouldn't you want keep="false" on the hotspots since they are only good for the scene they are in?

  • sachagriffin, thanks for the advice that did the trick!

    VN2011, I am trying to follow your logic and understand the benefit of this method. Right now thanks to sachagriffin, I am using scenes and have "keep=false". When navigating away from the pano using either the navigational hotspots or combobox, the polygonal hotspots disappear as they should. And when I return using either method they reappear. Would using your suggested method involve less coding? Thanks.

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