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  • Hello!

    I have a kr-panorama as a background on my site and then I have loaded another swf on top of that. Everything works fine exept i can´t se any scrollbars to the right and to the bottom. Where in the code do i change that?
    Many thanks in advance. *smile*

    My "soon ready site"


    Per Nylén

  • Getting scrollbars to show up is as simple as removing "overflow: hidden;" from the css in your html. But this does not do what you think it will do.

    If you want your site content to scroll while the panorama stays static in the background, there is no easy way to do that.

    What you could do (but it still isn't quite what I think you want to accomplish) is add a minimal width and height to the krpano div (and remove the overflow: hidden bit from the body css declaration):

    <div id="pano" style="width:100%; height:100%; min-height:800px; min-width:1000px">
  • Hello and thanks for all the help. It worked. The scrollbars is not the biggest problem. I just wanted the window to be resizable, so if that is possible without the scrollbars I will be more than happy. It looks much better without the scrollbars!
    Thanks again for the help. I hope that my "new" problem is as easy as with the scrollbars.


    Per Nylén

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