krpano 1.0.8 beta 7

  • Hello everybody,

    krpano version 1.0.8 beta 7 is ready!
    there are a lot of news and many new possibilites, so please read this post
    carefully and also have a look into the included releasenotes textfile

    krpano 1.0.8 beta 7 and Tools

    Update - 2009-04-05:
    - bugfix passing of http get parameters (?parameter=value&...) for plugins
    - bugfix for flashplayer version - hang/crash on loading a "parent" plugin/hotspot
    - bugfix "loadpano busy" on two quick loadpano/loadxml/loadscene calls without blending
    - added onstart parameter for <scene> - e.g. <scene onstart="..">
    - updated option/editor plugins
    - bugfix show xml parser errors
    - updated standalone flashplayers to

    Update - 2009-04-08:

    - bugfix unloading mask
    - bugfix dec()
    - added "EQ" if() operator (the same as "==")



    • extended switch() action:

      • switch(var, a,b,c,d, ...);
      • switch through all given values (from left to right)
    • all <plugin> alignment attributes work now also for <hotspot>

      • e.g. - "edge", "width", "height", "ox", "oy", ...
      • only: "align", "x", "y" will not work
    • <textstyle> "fadetime" parameter:

      • set the time for a fadeout in seconds
      • default="0" - no fadeout
    • <image> "prealign" parameter to rotate/align the panoramic image

      • syntax: <image ... prealign="X|Y|Z">
    • tween to the value of a other variable:

      • use the '$' prefix to refer the value of a variable
      • tween(varA, $varB);
    • add/sub/mul/div math operators:

      • add(dst,val1,val2) => dst=val1+val2
      • sub(dst,val1,val2) => dst=val1-val2
      • mul(dst,val1,val2) => dst=val1*val2
      • div(dst,val1,val2) => dst=val1/val2
      • val1/val2 can be values or variables
    • <scene> - a new concept to store more panoramas in one xml:

      • there can be more <scene> nodes in one xml, a scene will be identified by it's name
      • in every <scene> node all krpano sub nodes can be used
      • e.g. <image>, <plugin>, <hotspot>, <events>, ...
      • a scene is handled like a new external xml file
      • load a scene via loadscene():

        • loadscene(scenename,parameters*,flags*,blend*,onstart*)
        • scenename - the name of the scene
        • * all other optional parameters are the same like in the loadpano/loadxml actions
        • with using the "keep" attribute and the MERGE load flag it is possible to mix global and local parts (e.g. plugins)
    • parent/child system:

      • parent attribute for all plugins/hotspots
      • usage:

        • parent="pluginname" or parent="plugin[pluginname]" or parent="hotspot[hotspotname]"
      • the aligment of a child refers then to the parent
      • can be changed dynamically
      • "scalechildren" attribute - to scale also child plugins on parent scaling, default="false"
    • plugin/hotspot - "scale9grid"

      • scaling only a middle area of an image and let the borders unscaled
      • usage; scale9grid="x|y|width|height"
    • plugin/hotspot "crop" / "onovercrop" / "ondowncrop"

      • crop an area of an image
      • can be used to put several images into one single image
      • onovercrop and ondowncrop for cropping dynamically other parts on over/down state changes
      • usage: crop="x|y|width|height"
    • plugin/hotspot "mask"

      • use a other plugin/hotspot to mask out an current plugin/hotspot
      • if the mask contains an alpha channel it will be used for masking otherwise only the rectangle shape of it
      • usage:
      • mask="pluginname" or mask="plugin[pluginname]" or mask="hotspot[hotspotname]"
    • customizable mouse cursors:

      • user defined mouse cursors
      • can be set and changed statically or dynamiically
    • new if() operators:

      • because of the XML limitation of the usage of the '<' and '>' chars
      • "GT" - greater than,
      • "LT" - lower than
      • "LE" - lower or equal
      • "GE" - greater or equal
    • new events:

      • onkeydown / onkeyup / "keycode"

        • keyboard events
        • check the current press key via the "keycode" variable
      • onloaderror / "lasterror"

        • user defined error handling
        • no error message will be shown
        • the last error message in stored in the "lasterror" variable
      • onxmlcomplete

        • called when the loading and parsing of an panorama xml is complete
        • can(should) be used additionally or instead of "onstart"
        • note - when loading via loadscene() this is also called
        • internally a scene is like a new pano xml
      • onviewchange

        • is called on every view change
        • note - this event should be used carefully, don't make "heavy" operations/changes here this events will be called every frame on moving
      • onidle / "idletime"

        • will be called after some time of no user interaction/moving
        • the "idletime" can be set in the <krpano> node or via set(idletime, 0.5);
        • default "idletime" is "0.5" seconds
      • onresize / "stagewidth" / "stageheight"

        • will be called on resize of the window
        • note - also will be also called on fullscreen/window switches
        • the "stagewidth", "stageheight" are set to the current window/stage size
      • setarea(x,y,width,height) action to set the panorama area

        • only pixel values can be used yet
        • can be used but there is no guarantee that this action will be stay in this way also in future release
    • Bugfixes:

      • if() and action() calls are now executed intermediately instead at the end of the current command queue like in the previous versions
      • disable tab stops for plugins/hotspots
      • domain/FQDN checking - a dot(.) at the end of the domain is allowed now
      • download/decode settings for first multiresolution level
      • HIGHSHARP quality one pixel border
      • placeholders like %SWFPATH% work now also for image urls
      • polygonal hotspot visible toggle
      • QTVR loading error message
      • switch(var,a,b) with "local" variables works now
      • wrong plugin positions


    • all plugins:

      • use a new updated version management
      • check the version of each plugin by opening it the swf with the standalone flashplayer or opening it direct in the web browser
      • updated for "parent" usage
    • editor plugin:

      • xml generator only partially updated for the new attributes
      • but not all at the moment!!!
      • bugfix - "blackout" on HIGHSHARP quality
      • bugfix - lensflares <flare> duplicates
    • soundinterface:

      • added functions for 3D directional sound
      • bugfix - added check for the possibility to play sound (installed soundcard)
      • details here - FORUM LINK


    • kprotect:

      • allow embedding of any additional file
      • automatic analyzing and resolving of xml files
    • kmaketiles:

      • added the "-keepaspect" parameter for resizing,
      • with "-resize=WIDTHxHEIGHT -keepaspect" a image will be resized to the maximum image size of WIDTHxHEIGHT and the original aspect will be kept
    • kmakemultires:

      • bugfix - "indexbase"
      • bugfix - building of a too large previews on partial panos
      • bugfix - "xmltemplate_additional_file" parsing fixed
      • support of tiles inputs

        • new parameters for this case:
        • intilesize - size of the input tiles (format: SIZE or WIDTHxHEIGHT)
        • insize - size of the input image (format: WIDTHxHEIGHT)
        • inindexbase - indexbase for input (default=1)
        • usage: (similar to kmaketiles)
        • kmakemultires tiledimage_%v_%u.jpg -intilesize=1000 -insize=10000x5000 -inindexbase=1
      • support for automatic creating of partial panos

        • panotype (new parameter) - possible values:

          • autodetect - the type will be detected by it's imagesize/aspect

            • 2:1 aspect for a spherical pano
            • 1:1 aspect and six similar named images for a cubical pano
            • other aspects - ask the user
          • sphere - force assuming that the input is a sphere
          • cylinder - force assuming that the input is a cylinder
          • flat - force assuming that the input is a flat image
        • hfov (new parameter)

          • hfov value for partial spherical/cylinder panos
          • the vfov value will be calculated automatically
        • updated "kmakemultires.config"
      • new xml templates:

        • simple.xml - only the pano with no additional elements
        • standard_skin.xml

          • some standard panoramic controls
          • a changeable custom mouse cursor (moving, dragging)
        • qtvr - qtvr_style_skin.xml

          • a qtvr styled skin
          • zoom buttons, qtvr cursor
          • EXAMPLE

    What's left for the final 1.0.8 version:

    • videoplayer plugin (will follow in the next days)
    • 3D distorted hotspots
    • optional automatic flash9/flash10 switching for best performance on all systems
    • others fov types (hfov,vfov,dfov,mm,zoom)
    • more customizable progressbar
    • encrypted external images
    • add the "keep multires level" option again
    • adjustable sharpen effect
    • controllable filters/effects (glow,shadow,blur...) for plugins/hotspots
    • new mouse control mode
    • cylindrical QTVRs
    • complete new editor with much more possibilities
    • updated and new plugins
    • finished kprotect tool
    • kprotect command line tool
    • linux versions of the tools
    • docu / examples
    • updated website
    • ...?

    Links to all new examples:

  • Klaus

    on FF 3.0.8... it keeps crashing when I try to look at the samples.

    I did a reboot... looked at on sample fine and when i went back to look at a different example, it froze up again and I had to shut down FF. Now anytime I try an example link... it freezes up on me.

    I'm also crashing IE 7 when trying the examples.

    Not having a problem when going to other panos.

  • Quote


    Hi, sorry a flash code itself can't make a crash...
    this must be problem of the flashplayer, browser (other plugins?), system...


    At me, in "Keyboard events example" in fullscreen mode, keyboard buttons do not work..
    We wait the final version with impatience!

    limited keyboard access in fullscreen is a flash security feature

  • The same on my Mac. But I think the problem is in the XML-file. Because some time ago one panorama tour always crashed the browser when I want to start it. And the problem was a small syntax-error in my XML File. I corrected it, and everything works fine'!

  • @all where it crashes - are you using Flashplayer version

    I could reproduce the crashing (browsers hanging) now,
    but it seems that this a problem of the Flashplayer version,
    with the latest one the it doesn't crash,

    but anyway I will try to find a solution...

  • Hi,

    I finally found the bug and a workaround for it!

    it's has happen only in the Flashplayer,
    the bug was also described in the Flashplayer bug database:

    I have changed the code now and used a other method that also
    works in the Flashplayer,

    I have uploaded a updated krpano.swf (build 2009-04-04) for the examples,
    please try them again (clear browser cache before!) now they should work,

    I'm trying now to fix also some other new bugs and then
    upload a new updated download package,

    best regards,

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