make hotspots with photoshop layer

  • Hello,

    I have on photoshop file, one layer with my panoramic and the others are for each hotspot drawing in black layers (approximatevly 60 hotspot, so 60 layers).
    I would know if it's possible to convert these photoshop hotspot layers in in Krpano hotspot.

    I try to find a solution to don't have to draw each hotspot with hotspot tools in krpano but just convert the photoshop layers in krpano (polygonale or not) hotspot.

    Is there some solution for this ?
    Thanks a lot for solutions or ideas ;))))))

  • You don't say what kind of hotspot this is?
    This sounds like a very old hotspot method, qtvr for example.
    I imagine you want to then click on something.. and generate an event.
    1. Krpano comes with its own editor for generating hotspots.. Use that instead.
    2. Or convert your photoshops to cube faces, and photoshop slice it up.. and then use the pngs with alpha 0 to set your click events.. but I think that'd be a very time wasteful way to do it instead.

  • Yes what i want are hotspots generating an event.
    The think is that I have 60 polygonal hotspots to do. As i say, They are already drawing on photoshop on 60 differents layers, each layer is the active zone of the transparent hotspot, and this zone, on mouse over will generate an action.
    What I want i win time, without drawing a new time each hotspot with the Krpano editor but.

    Thanks !!!!

  • Hy, very interesting challenge

    Maybe a thing to try is to save any layers in a separate jpg file using in photoshop file/scripts/export layers to file and choosing jpg (png should be better for transparencies browse web for this action).

    Maybe by this way any hotspot can be called as a picture and not created, positioning should be good . Important thing is Zordering them .

    Hope it can help

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