Can i access all the supported XML variable and tags on Android which have currently supported in iPhone/iPad?

  • Hi All and Klaus,

    Can i access all the supported XML variable and tags on Android which have currently supported in iPhone/iPad?
    If so that's great. or please let me know which XML variable and tags are not supported by Android?

    Waiting for your valuable reply to move ahead with android support.



  • Android supports Flash, so all the xml attributes are available. The only problem is that tablets and phones have a smaller screensize and lesser cpu/memory. So you have to be smart with your code, and keep filesize as small as possible. You dont want to download 20mb per panorama. So keep the tilesize big in size (lesser cpu/memory) but low in Kb's. I think 300kb would be a max. I'm not sure how it is in some countries, but I know not recently ago, we in the netherlands paid per mb on our phones. I was like 20mb a month and you pay a euro per mb you breach. Now we have 'unlimited' (FAP to 200mb - 1000mb).

  • You only use what you load so filesize is not important if you just use the perfect tile size with multitiling.

    And that is actually 512x512.

    Android will use the tablet images if you make them but you can use 512 tiles instead with 2 levelsteps so that you get 512, 1024 and 2048 etc cubefaces.
    Ipad and iPhone will use the 1024 max and Android can use almost as much as you can make.
    I have no problem with up to 8192 cubefaces on my small Desire Z with 800 mHz processor. I have even set up a couple of 5 gigapixel panos optimized to work on it.

    Of course you will only use what you download when you zoom in.

    If you have a smartphone and actually uses it for web you have at least 1 GB traffic a month and you can see a lot of panos on that.
    I pay just around 7 EURO a month for that.
    When you are within a wifi you use that of course. I have not yet used more than 500mb on one month even if I used mine also as a hotspot for my iPad.

    Note that Android does not at all like large cubefaces without tiling. If you do not use multitiling they should not be larger than 1200x1200


  • filesize does matter if you put all the tags in 1 massive xml with all scenes, plugins, actions etc and you're downloading it with 10kb/s Not every user has a high bandwidth 3g phone. some use gprs (actually i think most user have it, since 3g is fairly new and not available in all countries i think)

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