loadpano() caching xml file

  • I am in the process of developing a dynamic editor that saves the krpano xml file to a database. While testing it out I noticed that any changes made to the xml file after it has been loaded by the loadpano function will not appear if it is loaded again by the loadpano function, the changes will be present if you reload krpano, however. I am assumming that this is being caused by caching being done by the loadpano function. Is there a way to tell the loadpano function not to cache the xml file and always run the "GET" to get the latest version?

  • Hi,

    krpano or Flash doesn't make any caching here,
    the caching was handled by the browser,

    e.g. when requesting for an file:
    krpano => Flash => Browser => Server

    you can use the normal HTTP methods to avoid caching,
    maybe set it via PHP in the http header or add a random id to
    the file request (e.g. pano.xml?id=4535435)

    best regards,

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