Cube face discoloration

  • On several occasions I've failed to achieve a satisfactory result when correcting some aspect of a cube face then reassembling the faces only to find a pronounced color cast on the face I've altered. I recently corrected a small error in the up face of a cube, changing only a small circular area in its center, only to find the whole face had altered on reassembly.
    Any thoughts about avoiding this?



  • Sounds like a color management issue in your workflow, either losing the srgb profile, converting it to your working color space, or applying an a profile that's not srgb.
    Also note that if you use photoshop "AUTO BLEND" it will change the whole image slightly. You MUST mask back in the original edges.

  • Thanks for the replies - VN's was the approach I took, opening the equirect in PTgui & using the numerical transform tool to bring the poles to the centre of the image, then editing the offending area in Pshop and then reconverting it to a normal equirect ready for krp.
    Here is the link. The venue is more interesting than my corrections to the mauve ceiling light.

    The event was a conference on the inventions of Richard Gregory FRS held at the Royal Institution in London. The lecture theatre is the one where Faraday himself gave lectures and the speaker is standing at the 'Faraday Desk' The audience are mostly neuro-scientists with a couple of us artistic types and some journalists.



  • Just be careful you don't use more of the original panorama when you remap it and/or check your interpolator.
    I think the default one tends to sharpen quite a bit, and the sinc ones tend to leave ringing artifacts.
    Meaning just paint back over your corrections onto your original to avoid making the entire panorama interpolated again.
    Or perhaps whatever the current state of things are, it doesn't look so bad just doing it the way you do.

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