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  • Hello all. *smile*

    We invite You to our city. We applied the here newest conveniences from version beta 8.
    The project is already finished in 90 %. Novelties and different additions now only will be added.
    The button "atrakcje turystyczne" (touristic attractions) is not active yet.

    This is the large project, so there can be small mistakes. We remove them up to date. *unsure*

    We invite.

    Krpano rules. *thumbsup* *thumbsup* *thumbup*

    Wirtualna wycieczka po mieście - Rzeszów

    Pablo & Pietero

  • wow wow wow,thats an awesome tour a kind of shock and awe,keep up the good work and dont forget to help us old folk that are trying to grasp xml *thumbsup* *thumbsup* *thumbsup* *thumbsup* *thumbsup*


    P.s love the Bilboard LOL

    You now can be a real estate mogul and sell advertising space on bilboards

  • Hi Tim2420 *smile*

    We just have the intention to make from this the marketing tool.
    This really is just the start of the project. The page will be rebuilt thorughly, because he is simply poor now.

    But it will be with the time better and flashily.


  • Hi Pablo, I really like your city and your virtual tour. I have been working on a online virtual tour for my city for a while now and would like to try Krpano now. As all the coding in my website were created for somebody else (I don't know much about coding) I have no idea how to start testing krpano. I downloaded the demo but I don't find any easy instructions to start using some of my images. The two html files that come with the demo only show a black background. I will appreciate any information you could give me in how to start using this thing.
    Thank you in advance and again, your website is great! *thumbsup* (mine is

  • Hi *smile*

    We thank for nice words.
    The project cost us many work and he has above 8000 line of the base code (without registrations to the catalogue).
    Especially, that we altered him the whole after last correction (beta 7) practically.

    Regarding the beginning: really this we do not know, how to help. Krpano seemed for us very difficult on the beginning. There is still many things which we do not understand. We learn this technology slowly.
    The acquaintance of the language was the barrier for us. Descriptions on the side in records simply were for us often inexplicable. We had alone to experiment and commit the thousands of mistakes.

    It was the only for us exit execution of the hundreds of tests and access to many solutions alone.
    We believe that every after training is able to create great things. The most important this not to limit the imagination.

    Experts community already began on the forum. We together will be able to create the strong team which will have something to the saying in the the world of solutions VR with the certainty. Especially, that Krpano now becomes the standard already. So, this is the best place to begin.
    And as to begin? Simply: "begin". And not to fear mistakes, because they teach the most *w00t* .

    Regards and good luck *g*

    Sorry for mistakes *sad*

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