Example of distorted video hotspot for all platforms

  • Hi jschrader,

    Do I have to tell you where to click to start the video? *g*

    *squint* So it take me some time to found the video *g* *g*

    It seem that your example is the ilustration of the bellow note:

    • No Multiple Simultaneous Audio or Video Streams
      Currently, all iOS devices are limited to playback only one single audio or video stream at one time. Playing more than one video - side by side, partly overlapping, or completely overlaid - is not currently supported on iOS devices.

    Beautiful place, well done *thumbup* ...


  • Hi,

    the not-autostart and the only-one-video-or-audio-at-one-time are iOS limitations,
    see the notes here:
    or here:

    but about video-autostart on the iPad - it might be possible to use the first touch on the screen to start the video,
    e.g. in xml this could be done via:

    <events name="ipadvideostart" devices="ipad" onclick="plugin[video].play(); set(events[ipadvideostart].onclick,null);" />

    (btw - I'm thinking about adding an setting to do this automatically, but only for the iPad of course, an autostart on the iPhone might be problematic in many situations because of the Fullscreen-play),

    best regards,

  • AH!
    Thank you, Michel and thank you, Klaus for the note. I was already afraid it would be a device issue and not from coding ;)
    Unfortunately this keeps us from using a short video loop and a long mp3. *sigh*
    Anyway, I am very happy that this is working on the iPad at all.
    My editor told me today that the example got almost standing ovations when he showed it to the editorial staff *g*

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