Any good examples for Textfield with New Version

  • From Klaus:


    Improved: Better Textfield Plugin Support:

    • remove the too big margin on <p> elements
    • avoid automatic scaling when using 0.*em font sizes
    • correct "roundedge" scaling on iPhone/iPad
    • improved autosize calculation
    • more accurate font size scaling
    • internal escaping/unescaping bugfix


    Textfield plugin - using the "data:dataname" syntax to load the content
    from <data> elements is now possible for the "htmlcode" and
    "csscode" settings (like in Flash).

    I've tried using the data:dataname on html5 and they don't act the same as flash. Here is the code

    Attached is the result. I must be missing something because the backgroundalpha doesn't work. It is set to .2 and the back is completely black and forget adding an image. All it does is start the text below the image.

    I could really use some additional help as this has been an ongoing complaint from my clients and it is very difficult to have to create a very complex solution to achieve a good looking textbox in html5.



  • Hi Robert!

    The easiest way i have found to create nice looking textfields is to create the box myself as separate PNG image and then putting textfield with "background="alpha" " over it as a child. This way you can make the box anykind you want and have full control over it without fighting with the code. Just align the field with the image, set the width and height of the textfield and your set :) Here is example:…ivanpaiste.html

    Click the gray button to open info of the company in textfield with modified background.

    Hope this help you even a bit!


  • Hi Jesse,

    Thanks for the advice, but I'm doing that with my current solution. The big issue is it not working the same way in both flash/android and html5. The text wraps around images in flash but not html5, or the background alpha works in flash so that the text doesn't fade as well but in html5 it doesn't work at all. I'm currently using a Javascript lightbox to solve this in html5 but I have 3 different solutions to solve one problem and each one comes with it's own challenges and is time consuming. I appreciate that Klaus has released some great features saying it works like in flash doesn't help. His plugin example found here is still in version 1.0.7 and any package he has included in his build doesn't show how to properly implement a textfield in both flash and html5.

    There is always a lot of guesswork and I have to depend on knowledgeable people like yourself that seem to have come up with your own solution to address this lack of capability for a textfield.

    Thanks again,


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