Convert SPHERE to CUBE droplet.bat with PHP, ColdFusion or Ruby on Rails

  • Hi all,

    Currently I am using "Convert SPHERE to CUBE droplet.bat" to convert images for mobile & tablet's.
    My goal is to do the same thing using one of those three languages (PHP, ColdFusion or Ruby on Rails). Why??? Bacause imagine how cool it would be if you will upload one hi res image & the virtual tour will be generated for you & work in flash, mobile & tablet *smile*

    Anyone has had experience doing that?
    Cound not find anything so far...


  • Yes, it works fine.
    Basically it works exactly the same as the batch files. Open them up and see how to run them directly and how they use the templates. If you know php you should be able to call the proper commands.
    I think there are probably many websites out there where we just upload a single file and have everything done for us.

  • The only problem is, if you have a regular hosting package, you're not allowed to execute binairies.

    You could recreate a droplet with php that just cuts a panorama intoo pieces (multires) and generates the corresponding xml. Although Im not sure if SPHERE to CUBE and all the other advanced image manupilation tricks works with php. Alsoo you need quite alot of memory from the server (easily 2gb per conversion). So best way is a private server. But if you have a private server, the need to do it in php kinda dissapears. the only thing you need is the exec command.

  • Youd still need gd or imagemagik. You might as well purchase real hosting if that's all you have.
    With real hosting, php with exec is the bare essential.

    GD/Imagemagick goes without saying when you're talking about image manupilation in php ;)   :P Still I dont know any formula that could convert sphere to cube with imagemagick.

    there are cheap VPS or dedicated hosting packages for $5-15 a month. You dont get alot of permance but enough to test stuff out. Else just start a virtual machine with a linux distro on it. thats what I did for testing.

  • True, i guess without the ability to run binaries of your choice you're done for, if you want to split a 360 file.
    Though, I would not make the bet that imagemagick couldn't do it. I've seen some amazing conversions. However, to spend the time to do it in lieu of just getting an appropriate hosting environment is insane.
    But you could upload the 6 cubefaces and make a krpano tiler with little problems.

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