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  • Hi,
    Before using krpano I worked with TourWeaver to make virtual tours, the default actions were easy and I could customize a buttoms skin.

    I wonder if i can make buttoms to go forward and back through the panos in a VT.(next scene, previous scene)
    If so how can I do it???
    I mean to load panos in the order they are
    Please help

  • Hi,

    Klaus made an automated solution for this *wink*

    You just need to make a plugin with onclick="action(prevscene);" and one with onclick="action(nextscene);" to call the actions...


  • hi!
    one more version *rolleyes*

    <action name="nextscene">
    add(nextsceneindex, get(scene[get(xml.scene)].index),1);
    if(nextsceneindex LT scene.count, loadscene(get(scene[get(nextsceneindex)].name), null, MERGE, BLEND(0.7)); );

    <action name="prevscene">
    sub(prevsceneindex, get(scene[get(xml.scene)].index),1);
    if(prevsceneindex GT -1, loadscene(get(scene[get(nextsceneindex)].name), null, MERGE, BLEND(0.7)); );

    Using: onclick="nextscene()" or onclcik="prevscene();"

    Andrey *thumbup*

  • I want to move the camera on a button and when I use onclick="loadscene(scene_7)" the panorama changes to the given one but the camera moves to zero coordinates, but if I use onclick="loadscene(scene_7,null,KEEP3D,BLEND(1) );" the panorama also changes, but the camera freezes in the previous position

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