Problems with simulator…

  • … and I was wondering if it's the same on the actual device.

    Following the problems with the ipad/iphone simulator:

    1- Can't open the map ("i" button)
    2 - Hide/Show Interface doesn't work(bottomleft button).
    3 - Showtext doesn't work. Is this a limitation of the current version of krpano with ipad/iphone devices?
    If so, it makes no sense changing language if I can't see it. Are there alternatives or virtual tours don't have any sort of text on mobile devices?

    Here's the link:


  • Hi!
    Dublicate post, don't do that.

    Check log - you have errors, check and correct.
    WARRNING - unknow action: open map

    So, it can't work. Maybe it's space in action name, or action doesn't exist.
    Check your XML errors, befor say "it not working"

    Andrey *thumbup*

  • Sorry for the duplicate but there were new questions and they went too far in the thread: I thought they've never been answered. *rolleyes*
    I corrected and updated the global.xml but nothing changed...

    By the way, looking at the restrictions for mobile devices it sems that not only SHOWTEXT but also PLUGIN.VISIBLE is not allowed... *cursing*

    So if everything is ok with the code now:

    1- how can I open/close things, like images, maps...?
    2- how can I Hide/Show things, like interfaces...?
    3- how can I show texts?

    I need alternatives, or there're simply no ways at the moment?


  • Hi!
    wow... slow down... *wink*
    visible and alpha is supported now.
    any way, for hiding some elements you can use a trick
    set(x,-2000); - hide some (put it in invisible pano area)
    set(x,100); - put it in visible area where x=100

    I'm using this for texfiled, in other case autosize not working properly.


    PS - you can show text by textfield.swf plugin. If you set url="textfield.swf" then HTML5 will use buildin plugin for show html text.
    almost forgot plugin.visible and plugin[name].visible is not the same.
    set(plugin.visible,false); - hide all plugin with visible=true
    set(plugin.visible,true); - bring them back.

    May be not supported plugin.visible that mean?

  • Hi Andrey,

    thanks for the trick about changing position using the x/y attributes. It looks great but still doesn't work on the simulator and put back the last working code.

    I still can't:

    1- open/close the map
    2- hide/show the interface

    And the log doesn't give any error: only a WARNING about the radar.swf but I'm quite sure this is not the problem for both #1 and #2.
    I need someone to tell me if it works on the actual mobile device. (might be a problem only with the simulator)

    You can check the code online if you like:

    By the way, here's the code involved:

    Does anyone see any unsupported code?

  • Hi! *cool*

    As i said, you have error!!
    i'm even wrote it!!
    This worning apear after "i" button click in simulator.


    Check log - you have errors, check and correct.
    WARRNING - unknow action: open map

    So, it can't work. Maybe it's space in action name, or action doesn't exist.
    Check your XML errors, befor say "it not working"


  • Your problem sits with your using the same names for actions and also variables.

    like below
    set(openmap,'Open Map');
    set(closemap,'Close Map');

    You have an action also named openmap that is getting replaced with Open Map which I assume is replaced by open map in Krpano.

    If you reset this to something different

    from this
    set(openmap,'Open Map');
    set(openmap1,'Open Map');
    it works.
    Keep in mind, the path that you set for this variable needs to be changed too. Like so.


    Fix all these double names and I believe it should work. It did with my test files. I only tested the open map though.


  • Yeah its less confusing to never use the action syntax
    action(action_name) which is legacy "OLD!!!"
    .. should be action_name();
    this make is much more like a normal programming language like js, or php. So when you get one down, you can start mixing them all up for some real fun.

  • Jarred, Sacha, you were right... it was just the same name for actions and showtext (which is also useless for mobile phones, so far). *thumbsup*

    Andrey, what did you mean by "check the log"? Just press the "o" key? If so, I didn't get any error doing so and I don't know why you do.
    I continued asking just because I couldn't see an error that wasn't there and I would have never thought using the same name could have been a problem, in fact it works on desktops. *smile*

    Sacha, thanks for the tip on actions... and about arguments, with that OLD syntax, I guess I was't using them.

    Almost done with this Virtual Tour. *g*

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