• Hi there,
    I'm trying a new way to show some data over krpano for mobile devices, so I use jquery to show and hide divs over.
    All this works perfect on Iphone and Ipad, but it seems more buggy on android.
    I don't have an android device at home so i'm not sure, but it looks that the content div is over krpano when it's not visible so you can't interact with the pano, and when it's visible you can interact with the pano behind, but not with the content??? STRANGE !

    Can Android users test this page on their device and tell me how it reacts ?


    Many thanx !

  • I looks like You described, text layer is active but invisibile. When I tapping place on screen when FERMER should be I can make it live, You May it problem with order??? Check it...

    My Question: This text - div is what: plugin?

  • I tried on a Samsung galaxy S, on the native browser you have to click on the screen wich reacts like à link ( it becomes blue ) and then the pano works, but if you click on a hotspot to fade in a div it stays behind the pano div... And you can't scroll the pano.
    On Opera you can't scroll the pano until you have clicked a hotspot, then the content div does come overdose the pano, but you scroll the pano instead of thé content ???

    Strange behaviours...

    thanx for looking jerzksa, no it's not a plugin, only javascript.

  • Hello!

    Well..this is no bug at all.
    The flash-player-mobile on android smartphones does always render its content OVER any html-element no matter, which wmode you set in the flash-player or what z-order you give the html-elements.

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