Multires quality loss

  • Hi All,

    Just been looking at the multi-resolution stuff in the interest of reducing the loading time for my krpano-based panos. However, I was disappointed at the loss of quality of using the multi-level resolution setup over using a single level pano. It seems to me that when placed side by side, the single level pano is considerably sharper (especially with HIGHSHARP on). Even by enabling HIGHSHARP on the individual levels of the multi-level pano, I cannot replicate the sharpness of the single level pano.

    What I really want is a pano that is quick to load (ie. by just loading the viewed tiles) but of equal quality to the single level pano.

    Any ideas?.



  • Hi,

    the final quality depends on a lot factors:

    • the selected resolution level for the current view (the 1.0.7 and 1.0.8 works different here, the 1.0.8 tends to selected a higher resolution then a too low one)
    • the fitting of the level resolution and the current screen resolution - the kmakemultires tool generates resolution levels by default in steps of 2, that means, each levels has the half resolution of the previous one, it can be possible of course that a single resolution image fits the screen resolution better in your case,
    • Flash9/Flash10 rendering
    • the jpeg compression/quality and the jpeg color subsampling!

    but everything is setupable - for the best quality - first use the 1.0.8 version,
    and when using the "kmakemultires" tool and it's droplets have a look into the
    "kmakemultires.config" file and try to change some parameters,
    try to set the "minsize" and "maxsize" values manually for your panorama resolution,
    and also change the jpeg settings to a higher quality (but also larger filesize):

    best regards,

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