Polygonal hotspots with holes

  • Hello,
    I'm using krpano to create an interactive map with couple of selectable areas. I've created those areas by drawing polygonal hotspots. Everything was good for the time I've realized that some of areas have holes in them. Is there any way to cut out some portion of polygonal hotspot? Maybe some sort of substraction of two hotspots?

  • Hi,

    making holes is not possible, but it would be possible to make several polygon hotspots and 'link' them together by modifying the hovering variable of the other hotspot,

    <hotspot name="part1" ... onover="set(hotspot[part2].hovering,true);" onout="set(hotspot[part2].hovering,false);" onclick="..."> ... </hotspot>
    <hotspot name="part2" ... onover="set(hotspot[part1].hovering,true);" onout="set(hotspot[part1].hovering,false);" onclick="hotspot[part1].onclick()"> ... </hotspot>

    best regards,

  • Thanks for reply, Klaus. Of course hovering is not the answer to my problem but luckily I've found a workaround. The simplest solutions are the best so I just drew one polygon - first outer line then inner line ensuring that points of transitions are overlapping each others. Work like a charm.

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