PolyGonal Hotspots issue on IPAD Question HELP NEEDED

  • Im using the following code to create a pano I used editor.swf to create a Polygonalhotspot
    Code im using below but it works fine on PC when i look via ipad the pano works perfect but the hotspot is missing.
    Any ideas how i can do a polygonal hotspot on ipad

    I basically have a door way i want people to be able to click to go to next pano

    <krpano version="" >

    <view hlookat="117" vlookat="0" fovtype="MFOV" fov="90" maxpixelzoom="1.0" fovmax="120" limitview="auto" />

    <preview url="pano.tiles/preview.jpg" />

    <cube url="pano.tiles/pano_%s.jpg" />
    <cube url="pano.tiles/mobile_%s.jpg" />
    <cube url="pano.tiles/tablet_%s.jpg" />
    <hotspot name="hs1"
    visible="true" enabled="true" usecontentsize="false" handcursor="true" capture="true" children="true"
    fillcolor ="0xffffff" fillalpha ="0.00" borderwidth ="0.0" bordercolor ="0xffffff" borderalpha ="0.00"
    fillcolorhover="0xffffff" fillalphahover="0.10" borderwidthhover="4.0" bordercolorhover="0xffffff" borderalphahover="0.80"
    fadeintime="0.150" fadeouttime="0.300" fadeincurve="1.100" fadeoutcurve="0.700"
    <point ath="117.7162" atv=" 16.0388" />
    <point ath="136.6720" atv=" 14.1380" />
    <point ath="138.4300" atv="-28.9805" />
    <point ath="129.9528" atv="-16.2972" />
    <point ath="126.7872" atv=" -4.3673" />
    <point ath="126.9262" atv=" -2.2564" />
    <point ath="123.4188" atv=" -2.5604" />
    <point ath="118.8615" atv=" -7.9655" />
    <point ath="113.8519" atv="-11.0180" />
    <point ath="109.1709" atv="-16.0292" />
    <point ath="106.5188" atv="-18.4862" />
    <point ath="102.8290" atv="-19.3650" />
    <point ath="102.5600" atv="-19.2200" />


  • For a doorway it is quite simple to make an invisible png.
    Just make a rectangular png in almost any size and fill it with white grey or black. It does not matter because you set it to alpha ="0" when you have placed it the correct place on the pano.
    Do not use distorted even if that of course mens the precise area is not fitted. Distorted hotspots seems to respond much slower or not at all for the clicks.


  • Is there a way to use the poly hotspots on the ipad the npng would work but i have around 50 to do all diffrent sizes and shapes and think poly would be best way to reduce load time

  • You only need 1 png. The hotspots need just different names but you can load the same png.
    You can set size with scale or width and height.

    I know you can just do rectangulars but when do you really need something else.

    Polygonal hotspots are not supported on iPad
    Read the page:
    "Polygonal hotspots - the desktop browsers would be fast enough to do that with canvas but on the iPhone/iPad devices the canvas is so incredible slow, so there they are not possible at the moment."


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