Urgent! Hotspot displaying on top of image after hotspot is clicked (HTML5 JS API)

  • When I click the hotspot the image displays under the image that pops up

    This can be seen in the demo example that is shipped with the code.

    See Example: krpano-\examples\virtual-tours\demotour-weingut

    To view in HTML5 mode run in Safari or Chrome

    This is really important as I bought the full license today in order to do a high profile demo this evening so any help much appreciated



  • Hi,

    this is a known html5 limitation with the distorted hotspots in the current version.

    The 'layer' with the 'distorted hotspots' always needs to be below the layer with the 'plugin' and normal 'hotspot' elements for a correct click/touch detection (needed because a kind of browser bug with the CSS 3D transform and click/touch detection).

    I working on a solution by doing all the click/touch detection manually instead on relaying on the browser events but this is complex and will still need some time.

    As workaround these solution would be possible:

    - hide the small 'icon' hotspot when showing the big one
    - don't use distorted hotspots in this case

    Best regards,

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