soundinterface in safri?

  • Hello everybody I'm having trouble playing the soundinterface on safari.
    I've tried several codes and all works in SWF and JS nothing.
    Does not work soundinterface safari? Or soundinterface.js conrropido this?
    Anyone have the correct code and a JS that works on safari to post?

    The browser: Safari 5.1.4
    My code

    <plugin name="soundinterface"        url="soundinterface.js"        preload="true"        rootpath=""        keep="true" 		volume="1.0"        mute="false"		onloaded="playsound(s1,som01.mp3);"        />
    <plugin name="autorotation"	url="seta.png"	onclick="playsound(s1,som01.mp3);"/>

    thank you

  • Hi,

    using - preload="true" - AND - onloaded=".." - is not possible!

    See here:

    When preload="true" is used then the plugin will be loaded before the viewer itself starts and at this time executing action like in onloaded event is not possible. But therefore you can use the soundinterface actions already in the onstart or other events in this case.

    So the solutions will be:
    - either use an other event to call the playsound() action start the sound (e.g. onstart)
    - or remove the preload="true"

    Btw - to include the soundinterface plugin correctly for Flash and HTML5 use:

    <plugin name="soundinterface"

    Best regards,

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