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  • Hello,

    I have started to use krpano a few days ago and I'm preparing to create my first tour, I would be gratefull for any help.... *smile* I couldn't find any similar topic in forum...

    I would like to add a usual plugin (a floor plan) where I will have hotspots with radars. A floor plan will be quite big so I would like it to scroll like in googlemaps plugin (area for plugin is going to be smaller than map). Is it possible to do it by editing krpano xml only, or should I use flash to do it? I haven't ever use flash, so it would be really nice if krpano xml would do that....

    Thanks for help...


  • you could use scale9grid to make it fit wothout cropping or else i dont know if this can be done but it might. you may be able to load the floorplan into an html text field. i think if the image is to large for the textfield it will automaticlly add the scroll bars but i am not 100% on that.

  • actually, this will be a bit more difficult than I originally made it sound like.

    The main difficulty will be in the "click and drag" function used to move the map around. You would have to add some navigation buttons so that you could move the floor plan.

    There's a possibility that the googlemap plugin will be able to use a loaded image in the future... or perhaps a retooled map / floorplan plugin that mimics the structure of the googlemap plugin. No guarantee and no sort of time frame... just something that's been mentioned one time before.

    ... till then... if you want to click and drag... probably need to use flash.

  • Graydon:

    Yes... I'd like to click&drag map, just like at --- --- I'm afraid you're right - i'll have to get familiar with flash a ittle...:)


    I don't understand how could I use 'scale9grid' to do that, but using a 'textfield' is a REALLY good idea. I will check it and then write down something about that... THANKS a lot !!!


    Do you mean tweening map from right side to the middle?? I guess it's just an action with changing X coordinate smoothly (tween with long time - a few sec possibly), but maybe I'm wrong... But that's a very nice example... Im sure I will use some ideas from this website :)


    Thanks a lot for ideas, I will write down after I solve a problem :)


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  • Hallo bbo!

    On my page (! your link is wrong...) you can find scrolling maps,
    It was made with Easypanos Tourweaver, a software i discontinued to use ( see here ) ...

    At the moment i also am on myself with developing this functionality (actionscript) for use in krpano (plugin). I am not quite sure but i think it will not be possible to do with the scripting language (without flash).

  • sorted the hot-spots. added ....parent="map" to the plugin spots, where "map" is the floor plan. (Not live yet, more fixes to go first)

    Still can't work out how to load the other panos from the hotspot though.

    <action name="load1">

    Worked it out: loadscene(title, null, MERGE,BLEND(1)); works (changing loadpano to loadscene)

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