How to setup darkmask for vtour

  • Hi Gurus,

    Could anyone tell me how to setup darkmask, main logo to show until pano loads and clickable logo as watermark and promotion for my site. I got help here, so I am able to use all this on single panos, but I don't know what file to edit to have these functions on a vtour.


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  • Hi,

    it depends where and how you include elements,

    e.g. when an <plugin> or <hotspot> element is defined inside a <scene> element,
    then it should be there and working,

    but when defined outside a <scene> element,
    then it would need to have keep="true" set to avoid getting removed,

    note - in the default vtour templates the first action call is to call loadscene() to load the first scene,
    and when loading a new pano/scene all current <plugin> and <hotspot> elements without keep=true will be removed,

    so just add:
    <plugin ... keep="true" />

    see also:

    best regards,

  • Thanks Klaus,
    It works the way I wanted! Thanks for your help! *wink*
    I just did a few tests and I got what I wanted once I inserted these lines just before each </scene> tag

    <plugin name="mask" url="darkmask.jpg" blendmode="multiply" width="100%" height="100%" enabled="false" />
    	<plugin name="logo" url="logo.png" align="center" enabled="false" />
    	<plugin name="copyright" url="copyright.png" align="rightbottom" alpha="0" enabled="true" onclick="openurl(,_blank);" />
    	<events onloadcomplete="tween(plugin[mask].alpha, 0, 1.0, default, removeplugin(mask));
    						tween(plugin[logo].alpha, 0, 1.0, default, removeplugin(logo));
                      		tween(plugin[copyright].alpha, 1.0, 0, default);" />

    Best regards,

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