text filed css on iphone/ipad

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to add some css to the text and the Iphone player can't read it. I've added my own css class to distinguish the title text from the content. The flash player understands this but the iphone player appears to be confused. Here is an example:

    p {color:#FF0000; font-family:BankGothic Lt BT; font-size:18;}

    input {color:#000000; font-family:Times New Roman; font-size:14;}

    Note, if I use the standard/ predefined css tags (e.g "p" or "a") It works fine on both players. The problem is that that doesn't allow me to make a distinction in the content. I wondered if there was any other way of writing the css above so that the iphone player can read it. Is there an alternative to the (.) used above to define the class?

    This may seem necessary because I could use H1 for the title and I guess this would work, but usually that created breaks between the text and (especially on iphone) I need to conserve space.

    Also, I want to avoid using the font tags within the htmldata because.... its untidy (forgive me)


  • OK,

    I fixed it! No need to worry. In case its of use to anyone else - my html is not great so I don't know if this is normal anyway - but if you just create any tag just as you would for the standard "p" and "a" without the use of class="", these can be included and they work on both players.



    catagory {color:#1706b5; font-family:BankGothic Lt BT; font-size:18;}


    <catagory align="center">



  • I feel I should read up on some html basics. The above fix seems to have a drawback or a bug, I've lost the center alignment on any text in my custom tags.

    Any advice on this would be appreciated - but it appears that the best thing to do would be to use the untidy font tags.

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