textfield limitation or bug

  • Hi
    I understand how to use the font tag within the html. However if I choose to use a data tag instead in the specific instance of using my own defined css (i.e .inputtxt) the krpano flash player responds normally but the iphone/pad java player ignores such class selectors.

    So my question is: Am I missing a trick somewhere? is there a way of writing the class selectors so that they work on the iphone/ipad? or is this a known limitation of the iphone player?


    .input      { text-decoration:underline;  color:#0000FF;  font-weight:bold; text-align:center;}

    >> Works on flash player only

    p      { text-decoration:underline;  color:#0000FF;  font-weight:bold; text-align:center;}

    >> works on both players (all devices) but I'm restricted to <p>

    If it is a limitation or bug will it be fixed? or is the font tag the solution to this problem?

    I should explain. I plan to input a lot of data into the html display. It will display a different set of information for each spot that is clicked. If I use the font tag it will not just be untidy, I will have to double or triple up the inputs for each spot (one for iphone larger text less info - for flash and possibly for pads). So I would much prefer to store the different styles just once in a set of css data tags instead.

    Many Thanks

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