ZIP file for multiresolution tiles

  • Would it be possible to include functionality to read a ZIP file with the tiles of a multiresolution panorama?

    This would be a great help for us who want to display gigapixel panoramas.

    The reason for this is that even though I have an "unlimited storage" account, there is still a limit to the number of inodes that my account can use. Gigapixel panoramas use a lot of inodes, so being able to only transfer 1 zipfile would not only be quicker, but also use much less inode-resources on my hosting acccount.

    / Ingemar

  • Hi,

    an inode is an index in an unix filesystem,
    the number of inodes = number of files and directories
    see -

    sorry, using a single zip file is not possible directly,
    because only complete files can be loaded via HTTP, not parts of it,

    but it should be possible to write a server application (in PHP for example)
    that reads only a part of a file and sends it to the client as single file,
    (e.g. extracts a single image from the ZIP and sends it back)

    best regards,

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