tools much slower?

  • Hi,

    Just downloaded the last tools release and it appears all tools are very much slower than the previous version.

    Running on OSX Lion.

    if i run previous version again it still run fast.

    any idea?

  • Hi,

    hmm... there were no changes that could explain a 'much slower' working...

    Can you please describe your test scenario?
    - 32 or 64bit version?
    - size of the input image?
    - installed Ram?
    - free Ram when starting the tool?

    Note - the krpano tools are only using the currently free available ram and when not enough
    ram is available then they will start swapping memory to disk - and this is extremely slow, compared to normal working.
    Maybe in your test this was the reason for the performance difference...?

    Best regards,

  • tif file is 220mb
    64 bit version
    10gb ram installed

    i drag the tif file over makevtour droplet first in folder, takes 6,20 min to process the file.

    20 seconds for the version tested just after

  • What image type? (sphere, cubical, flat) and what pixel dimension? (or fov) does the image have?

    Maybe it's the sphere/cylinder to cube conversion which makes the difference...?
    The default limit settings when converting a sphere to a cube were reduced in the version (from 360x120 to 360x45).

    Best regards,

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