The lightbox and the ipad and some javascript please.

  • Hello,

    Here's the thing I'm fond of using a lightbox rather than a link to open a tour in a new window. This is great on desktops and it hides the url of the pano - I've long given up hosting the pano files on the client server because it makes them go all funny in the head.

    The problem is that a lightbox is bad for a tablet pc and even worse for mobiles. What I would like to do is embed a bit of java-script along with the lightbox link which will disable the lightbox when accessed on any mobile / tablet devices (I'm using fancbox - but I'm happy to switch if necessary).

    So far I've understood that it may be done with screen-size, but if it is possible to detect the device like krpano seems to do so effectively then I guess that would be better. The problem I'm having is not the choice of method but I don't know how to write the script myself. So if possible could someone please direct me to a website where I can copy a working example or maybe one of you guys could be so kind to write it for us? Kluas?? :)

    Many Thanks

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