Hotspots not working on iPhone

  • Hello All,

    I just put together my first multi res tour using the new version MAKE VTOUR (MULTIRES) droplet. I used the new tour editor (which is really great) to modify the xml and create the tour. Everything looks good in a browser, but on my iPhone there is no menu and the hotspots are visible but don't work. Tested on my PC in Safari using the dev emulator with the same results. Anyone else report this problem or have any ideas how I might fix it? I do have an iPhone license. Here is a link to the tour.



  • Hi,

    you are using the krpano HTML5 viewer (krpanoiphone.js) and this is the reason why the html5 viewer is not working!

    You can test this is also in any compatible HTML5 desktop browser by adding '?html5=prefer' to the url and pressing the 'O' key to see the viewer version in the log:

    It seems that you have copied and overwritten the original krpanoiphone.js file in the tools folder with an old one from, maybe accidentally during copying the license (krpanoiphone.license.js)...

    Best regards,

  • Hi Klause,

    Yes you're right! I must have overwritten the new Krpanoiphone.js file with the previous version of the file. Thanks so much, the iPhone version now displays as expected. The ?html5=prefer method does not however. Chrome displays it really funky and FF just locks up. I just replaced my tour.js file after running the VTMulti droplet again, instead of uploading everything again. I'm not to worried about it on this one. Before creating my next, I'll unzip the latest version again and make sure everything is correct before running the droplet.

    Thanks for all the great features and improvements!


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