[resolved] how to add sounds in background on each scene

  • hi!
    im using the last version of krpano of 5 october 2012. (im still a newbie...)

    i need to know how can i add a mp3 file sound in background to the first pano only , and start as soon as it load it on all devices (desktop,iphone,ipad,android)

    i added this code, at the end of the tour.xml file

    with that code i saw that it works on iphone\ipad only , (i haven't tested on android devices) . but it doesn't work on desktop (tested on all browsers).
    it keep the same sound on all pano untill the mp3 finish.

    if i repleace the code

    <events name="currentpano"


    <events onloadcomplete="onloadcompleteaction();"

    it will works on desktop only, it will load the sound immediatly and it will restart the sound each time that i move to an other scene.
    on iphone\ipad it will works too, but the layer skin of the buttons and the quality of the pano images result bugged... (no map, gyro icon in the bar, and low quality of the pano)

    thank for your help!

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  • as im a newbie i just found that on each scene, after the title there is the code onstart=" "
    here i can put the code

    playsound(bgsnd, 'http://sky360.it/VirtualTours/Discoteche/Showroom-Smash2/sounds/sound0.mp3', 1);

    to play the sound in background just on that scene *thumbsup*

    to play the sound on both devices (ipad,iphone and desktop) you must put this code in the vtourskin.xml file:

    <!-- load the soundinterface plugin -->
    	        <plugin name="soundinterface"

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