removehotspot error

  • Dear Klaus, dear community,

    I ran into the following error today, and can't seem to find what's wrong here:

    DEBUG: set(hotspot[bullet_533].crop, 32|0|32|32);delayedcall(2.0,removehotspot(bullet_533));
    ERROR: remove - unknown array item - hotspot[bullet_533]

    the funny thing is, that the crop works perfectly, I can see it, and AFTER that the hotspot doesn't get removed. I mean I know this message could be there if I tried to remove the same hotspot multiple times, but no, it just stays there on the screen, so actually it doesn't get removed, not a single time.

    Any idea why does the crop work (so the hotspot name is perfectly valid), but the removehotspot call doesn't?

    Thanks for any help!

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