Detecting Image sizes on Import

  • Is there a way to detect the size (pixelwidth and pixelheight) of a directory object, such as a jpeg image, before it is loaded into a plugin?
    If Not, is it possible to detect it after it is loaded as a plugin and the scale is set to 1, but no width or height is set?

    I tried this for the directory option:

    set(imagewidth, get(url[photos/1.jpg].pixelwidth));

    ... but it didn't work.

    I tried this by loading the plugin without setting a width or height, instead using scale and then trying to determine the width or height...

    <!-- create the image plugin -->
    <plugin name="testimage" url="photos/1.jpg" align="leftbottom" edge="leftbottom" scale="1" width="" height="" keep="true" visible="true" />
    <!-- run an action to check for pixelwidth -->
    	<action name="test">
    		set(testsize, get(plugin[testimage].pixelwidth));
                    <!-- update the test layer that shows the result as text -->
    		set(layer[infotext].html, get(testsize)); wait(5);

    ... but that came up with zero (0) as the result, I'm guessing because the width and height were not set in the plugin. If I used .width instead of .pixelwidth, the answer was NULL.

    Any ideas?

  • I have managed to manipulate the code in vtourskin.xml to create a photogallery with thumbs that popup where the scene thumbs would pop up. So far all is very preliminary and functional. But to generate everything, I had to know and handcode the size of the image, whether or not it was landscape or portrait, and I am working with a fixed screen size.

    I want to make things a bit more dynamic when it comes to generating the image plugins and ensuring they size, orientate and position properly on different screen sizes/devices. So I wanted to be able to detect the image size so that I could determine its orientation (portrait or landscape) and adjust its width/height to fit within the bounds allocated on the screen. But more importantly than all of that, I wanted to generate all of this information when generating the thumbnails. Currently I have a list of thumbnails that I have to hand code, and when there are a lot of thumbs, it takes a lot of time. So I wanted to write a statement that would loop through this process and generate the xml for the thumbs, and images, in real time, so I wouldn't have to hand write all of these thumbs each time I created a tour. And the kicker is... I only want to load 1 full size image at a time. So I wanted to gather the needed information to generate the thumbnail code, without having to load all of the actual images.

    Using the plugin[name].imagewidth works to get the data, but to generate all of these thumbs, I first have to load the image to establish the "onloaded" event, then another, and another... consuming memory and time. I suppose I could load them into a plugin and destroy them 1 at a time until I had generated the code. I was hoping for a "leaner" method.

    <thumb name="0" url="thumbs/0.jpg" imageurl="photos/0.jpg" source_image_width="1000" source_image_height="633" source_image_orientation="horizontal" />
    <thumb name="1" url="thumbs/1.jpg" imageurl="photos/1.jpg" source_image_width="633" source_image_height="1000" source_image_orientation="vertical" />
    <thumb name="2" url="thumbs/2.jpg" imageurl="photos/2.jpg" source_image_width="1000" source_image_height="633" source_image_orientation="horizontal" />

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  • Andrey's image gallery plugin resizes well for $35.

    I've never seen his image gallery plugin. I know he has an autothumbs, but it's quite old. I had requested he make an image gallery seems like a year ago, and kept begging, and begging. I wasn't aware he had finally made it.
    ** Where is it? Link? **

    For the thumbs I would set the smallest dimension to prop and the larger one to your max thumbnail dimension and use a parent plugin with the max width and height dimension with maskchilden so it's cropped.

    For the thumbs, I am trying to generate data only, they are all 1 size, which is easy enough to regulate. It's the images themselves that can be variable sizes. your reference to .imagewidth is 1 possible solution. Also, using a max size container, and scaling children rather than cropping also works to control behavior of the image size for scaling. . . but, if I wanted a frame around the picture, I need to be able to change the container size according to the size of the image.

    Overall, I am just looking for greater dynamics.

    Is it possible to generate XML tags in real time? I want something similar to addplugin(someName); ... but instead... addthumb(someThumbName); This would simply generate a virtual list (like an array) of thumbs for reference data...

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