when Goole maps for HTML5 ?

  • Hi ,
    I am aware that two other products uses Google maps inside virtualtour.

    Klaus mentioned a time ago, that the plugin for HTML5 of Google maps was not ready yet.

    The Google maps I found in some Panotour Pro(Kolor) project and in Pano2VR ( sample here )

    Some detailed arreas are much better in Google maps than in Bing maps.

    That's why Iam asking, if and when we can use Google maps in Krpano project again.

    I can imagine that in flash version I sue Bing and in HTML5 version the Google maps. Am I right?

    Thank for the reply in advance

  • Bing Map only give me half of my project site map.... the Google Map looks overbright but my project site map was clear within the Gmaps...

    any HTML5 of Google Maps from Klaus ?

  • Hi,

    I too need the Google Maps plugin for HTML5 desperately. When I look around my country on Bing Map,
    I see mostly blank surface (probably blocked due to national security reasons), whereas Google Maps has
    enough map data.

    Klaus, when are you planning to release the Google Maps plugin for HTML5?

    Best Regards,

  • Hi,

    I'm interesting too..
    Google maps don't deliver any more key since months already, do they?
    Except for the API used on web sites, right?

    Will it come back?
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Steph,

    as far as I know, Google has stopped providing keys for Google Maps for Flash API
    (NOT Google Maps for Javascript API). So this means that you cannot use Google Maps
    Plugin for krpano Flash version anymore but it's possible to use Google Maps for krpano
    HTML5 version. I know that Klaus is planning to release the HTML5 Google Maps plugin
    but only Klaus knows when it will be released.

    Best Regards,

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