Align a plugin in relation to a other plugin

  • Hi everyone,
    this is my first post here, i'm very beginner with krpano, but i read and try a lot of things before ask you my question.
    here is: i have a flash into my pano ( 360 object who turn with the mouse by his html) integrated in my tour. i have made a button ( call "360" ) to open the flash ( the plugin is call "ext"), i have made a button (call "close") to close, everything works except for the alignment: the "close" button" isn't aligned and when he is, he move in relation of the window - ihave try almost everything ( align=; edge= ; x,y=), i have also put the flash into a container, and with this option, the "close" butoon had a very nice alignment, stay in place, but the flash moove into or on the container ...
    a other thing: the 360 object turns when using the arrows of the keyboard, but not when you are on the animation.
    Can you tell me where is my error?
    here is my code:

    <plugin name="360" align="bottom" crop="0|0|65|65" customColor="true" height="prop" keep="true" ondown="set(plugin[ext].visible,true);" onout="" onover="" onovercrop="0|65|65|65" onclick="tween(plugin[ext].x,0,);tween(plugin[ext].y,0,)" url="builddata/graphics/menu/menu15.png" width="40" x="-220" y="10"/>
    	<!--<plugin name="container" align="left" scale="1" customColor="true" keep="true" onclick="" url="360/images/container.png" visible="false" children="true" freezeview="true" /> -->	<plugin name="close" align="right" edge="left" x="100" y="100" customColor="true" keep="true" url="360/images/close.png" visible="true" parent="ext" onclick="tween(plugin[ext].x,-600,);tween(plugin[ext].y,0,);" onhover="showtext(fermer);" zorder="5" />	<plugin name="ext"       url="360-Choix_out.swf"       children="true"       width="133"        height="80"       handcursor="true"       align="left"       visible="false"       zorder="4"       />

    and here is a link to my pano:…/360/build.html
    thank you for your attention, and excuse-me for my english *rolleyes*


  • Hi,

    about the external flash movie - it might depend on that flash movie itself, how it is adding its own elements - e.g. when the movie is adding his owns graphics elements to the Flash 'stage' object, than krpano has no possibility to move it anywhere - krpano can only move the 'Loader' object of the loaded swf.

    You could maybe try setting the usecontentsize setting to 'true', to let krpano try to determinate the size of your flash movie in a different way and that this might helping...

    Abour your posted code - the name "360" is not allowed and can lead to errors - a name always need to begin with an alphabetic character!
    Please see here:

    Best regards,

  • Hi Klaus and thank you for your rapid answer ( few hours after posting, a sunday ... what a wonderful world ;-), well, it seem not possible to contrain the flash to not resize, so i put on a "close" action "on over" the flash, it works well, but don't have the same aspect under different browsers: in safari, there is a cross to close, in firefox, all the flash can close the window, and there is no cross ... my new question is how can i make for the buttons of the tour make turn the flash when it's open ( and only him if it is possible).

    if you have a way to give me, it will be nice, because i don't know nothing about coding and even where to learn ... here is my actual code:

    <plugin name="ext"       url="a360-Choix_out.swf"       align="leftcenter"        edge="leftcenter"        x0="50%"       usecontentsize="true"       scale="0.3"       resize="false"       handcursor="true"       visible="false"       freezeview="true"       onclick="tween(plugin[ext].x,-600,);tween(plugin[ext].y,0,);"        onhover="showtext(fermer);" zorder="5"       zorder="4"/>

    and the url to see the tour is still:…/360/build.html

    thank a lot Klaus, it's good to see that i'm not alone *rolleyes*

  • Hi,

    sorry, but I'm not sure what you mean...

    Let me explain what I see:

    - there is '360°' button at the button
    - when I press it, an image with an car slide into the screen from right
    - when I click it, it slides out...

    That's all so far...
    But I don't understand what you mean with 'close action onover', 'different browsers', 'cross to close', 'all the flash', 'there is no cross' ???

    Best regards,

  • Hi,

    this was just an explanation of the internals - when the Flashplayer is loading an image or another swf file, then this image/swf will be loaded as 'Loader' Object - and this 'Loader' Object has x/y properties for setting its position on the screen.

    But a requirement that this would work, is that the code inside the loaded swf will add its own graphics elements correctly - there would be many other ways to add graphical stuff too in Flash and when it would add it in an 'incompatible'-way, then the 'other swf' (krpano in this case) has no possibilities to control the position of the swf on the screen.

    Best regards,

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