synchronize sound/video with text?

  • You could either stop the delayedcall, remove the whole textfield-plugin, change the content of the textfield-plugin or use two different videos, where one is having hardcoded subtitles, and switch between those two videos....endless possibilities. A real sync should also be possible using the timecode-functions of the video-plugin.

    I think the easiest way would be to stop the delayedcall. But the delayedcall-functions are well known for making problems, why I would use two videos.

    Gruß aus Berlin ;)

  • Thank you very much. In fact I'm dealing with audio only at the moment. Thus the subtitle is a textfield at the bottom of the screen right now. Stopping the delayedcall would not solve the problem with resuming the sound(/video...) and the subtitle at the right place again, I guess. Tracking a time code and using this to control what content to put into the subtitle text field would be ideal in my eyes. But how do I achieve this?


    Gruß nach Berlin *wink*

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