Southern California Tasting and Auction

  • <krpano version="1.0.6">
    <include url="…tion/global.xml" />
    <display fps="60" movequality="LOW" stillquality="HIGH" />
    <view hlookat="0" vlookat="0" fov="100" fovmin="10" fovmax="150" fisheye="0.35" fisheyefovlink="0.5" />
    <preview type="CUBESTRIP" url="welcome.tiles/preview.jpg" />
    - <image type="SPHERE" multires="true" tilesize="1024" baseindex="1">
    - <level tiledimagewidth="13278" tiledimageheight="6639" details="24">
    <sphere url="welcome.tiles/l3_%0v_%0h.jpg" />
    - <level tiledimagewidth="6639" tiledimageheight="3320" details="20">
    <sphere url="welcome.tiles/l2_%0v_%0h.jpg" />
    - <level tiledimagewidth="3320" tiledimageheight="1660" details="16">
    <sphere url="welcome.tiles/l1_%0v_%0h.jpg" />
    <lensflare name="lf0" set="DEFAULT" visible="true" ath="-86.1150" atv="-66.5877" size="0.80" blind="0.60" blindcurve="4.00" />

    up all of your details to at least 24-32. change the display code to this and it will look alot better. use this code to start then tweak from there. also the auto rotate kicks in too soon and rotates too fast. also update krpano.swf to 1.0.8 beta 8



  • i tried changing the quality, i dont notice a difference in how it looks, but it runs way worse now. What is the plus side to updating to the beta? and is it simple as replacing files or do i need to change code around...sorry, im still new at this.

  • to update just replace krpano.swf with the newest version and it is upgraded. You may not have noticed a difference because 1.0.6 does not know about some of the display seetings there were added after that version. the new beta version gives ALOT more settings for tweaking how things look.

    drop your FPS from 60 to 30. The human eye cannot see more than 24 fps anyways.

  • okay, I updated krpano, and i added the other suggested code. It runs really sluggish for me, it seems like there is a delay or there is a smoothing setting set way too high. This is the reason why i never used beta 8 in the past. Is there some settings that i'm missing?

    I'm also getting" ERROR: no parent 'map' found"

    EDIT: fixed both problems. *wacko*

  • I had a look at 3 visits : it's a very good work.
    Colours, light, are really nice (just a bit over-saturated sometimes).
    Very nice map too.
    I think however that you would have interest in having a fov about 45 or 55 when the tour starts, so that there would be no deformation. I suppose you applied something like 75 or 90 as fov ? As it's a very good quality of image, if I was you, I would do it.

    'Ma' *smile*

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