Sound on Scene Load & Hotspot only

  • Hi Friends,
    Can someone tell what code to play a sound on loading a scene and allow the sound to play only in the range of a hotspot, i.e, without any click?

    I guess this code requires some modifications:

    <!-- start playing the sound -->
    <events name="currentpano"
    onnewpano="playsound(bgsnd, 'music1.mp3', 0;"

    <!-- play sound at 90/0 - range 120 -->
    <hotspot name="b2" url="button2.png" ath="90" atv="0" onclick="playsound3D(s2,music2.mp3, 90,0, 120); " />


  • I've found that "onloaded" automatically triggers the sound instead of using "onclick". But I need the sound to play continuously. Can some please tell what the syntax would be for looping the sound with "Playsound3D"? By the way, what is the difference between "Playsound3D" and "Playsound3DHS"?


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