Bottom cube face shifts in color after I edit in CS5 -- Driving me bananas -- HELP

  • My workflow:

    1. Stitch pano in Ptgui
    2. Convert pano to .tif cube faces
    3. Open bottom cube face in Photoshop to plug/retouch the bottom.
    4. Save retouched bottom cube as .tif

    Now, if I drag all 6 cubes to the 'cube to sphere' droplet, it creates a panorama, but the bottom cubes color has shifted. (only the bottom cube)

    I have the same issue if I use .jpg's

    What is going on???

    The only work-around I have found is if I open all 6 cubes in photoshop and then save them all -- but then the entire pano has slightly muted colors.

  • Hi,

    is your Photoshop doing some colorspace conversion automatically?

    The krpano tools are ignoring any colorspace or colorprofile header informations, so the images should be in sRGB colorspace to be shown correctly - but the tools are NOT doing any colorspace conversion, they are taking the pixel values as they are.

    Best regards,

  • Maybe your Color Proof in PS is activated and it just looks like if PS is color shifting while saving?! And if your panorama looks more or less saturated in your browser than it does in PS, try to enable the color proof in PS and set it to "RGB Monitor".


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