kprotect: more flexible subdomain handling

  • i'm busy with a universal panorama engine project where my contractor is renting this engine to his clients and hosting it for them under several subdomains (e.g.

    during my development i'm simulating this situation on my devlopment server in this way:

    that lead me to troubles with the kprotect tool (version and 15) and a tedious search for a solution (i didn't find anything here in the forum):
    if i'm adding more then one subdomain level, kprotect's domain limitation algorithm isn't working anymore.
    here are some examples with subdomains and their respective domain limitation entries in kprotect:
    => throws a license error with:

    • *
    • *
    • *.*

    => works only (explicitely) with:

    • (which is useless for my purpose)

    next try (using only one sub domain level):
    => works with


    so obviously kprotect / krpano accepts only one subdomain "level" ("one dot allowed"), which seems to be not flexible enough for some development and multi client projects.
    it would be very nice to have a more granular control which would be useful for dev work like described above and some scenarios where a big client e.g. runs a main website under, a panorama section under and then has e.g. contributing/paying users/clients under it should be possible to limit the domains explicitely like * using wildcards.

    perhaps this suggestion could find it's way into a future update *smile*


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