Load new scene but keep on using the previous scene tiles, is it possible?

  • Hi all!

    Thank you very much in advance for helping!
    I have a virtual tour with several scenes, all happening in the same room.
    Because each scene has different functionality, it's in my interest use 'loadscene', so I can get rid of all the previous scene content and then load the new content and run some actions when the new scene starts.

    What I'd like to do is be able to load a new scene but without loading a new set of tiles.Is this possible?
    It looks like <image> tag is mandatory within the <scene> tag, and if I don't include then the screen goes black when the scene is loaded.

    I know I can load the same tiles and take advantage that the tiles are cached by the browser, but ideally I'd like to don't load any tiles at all *smile*


  • You could load the pano as cube-hotspots with keep=true and manually delete them at a certain point. And if you cache the hlookat, vlookat and fov the viewer might not notice that the scene was changed. But to be honest, I´d prefer to load the new scene-functionality to the actual scene.


  • Thanks for your help Nupsi,

    Using cube-hotspots is a good 'hack'. I didn't think about it!
    It can actually work, but not in my virtual tour.

    Each scene has some specific data, layers and hotspots. Something like

    <scene name="scene1">
    <data name="intro">Some text</data>
    <layer name=""map" />
    <hotspot name="feature_1" />

    It's SO convenient put all those things inside <scene> tags!
    This way when a new scene loads, it shows the data "intro'. And the map shows that particular scene map. And so on...

    It's not worth it to edit the whole virtual tour programming to don't use <scene> tags. It would take a week or so *smile*

    I was hoping to find a feature that I didn't know until now, like 'loadcene" with IGNOREIMAGE flag, which loads a new scene ignoring <image> parameters, and hence keeping the previous scene tiles.
    Don't bother to look, it doesn't exists as far as I know *smile* But it would be soooooo coooooool for me!

    Thank you anyway!!!

  • If I understood you correctly you would like to load the next same scene tiles but with new hotspots and layers sets, right?
    Why don't you use internal active_scene variable and dynamically load appropriate xml where hotspots and layers are set.
    Not loading new scene, just new set of hotspots and layers and gather the appropriate date for text from arrays.

    For data values also you can use this variable and predefined data in arrays, e.g:

    <data name="set">
    <dynamic name="scene1" text="text for scene1"/>
    <dynamic name="scene2" text="text for scene2"/>

    accessing the data with:

    Maybe there is some minor syntax errors in this code. Didn't tried it but in general for you to get a feeling what I am talking about.
    This solution I have used in some of my projects.

    In short: Don't load new scene just change all set of layers, hotposts, texts, urls....what ever you want.

  • Hi,

    What I'd like to do is be able to load a new scene but without loading a new set of tiles.Is this possible?

    Currently this is not possible, but I'm already working on a KEEPIMAGE loadpano flag for exactly this case.
    (Btw - in the current 1.16.x HTML5 versions, that still-in-work KEEPIMAGE flags is already partially working, but in Flash not at all).

    Best regards,

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