how to start video once the VR is fully loaded ?

  • Hi Benjamin,

    There is a new attribute onloadcomplete for the xml node <events> .... perhaps this can be a way to do what you expect ... I'm not sure if it is executed when all the elements defined in the xml are loaded or only when the xml itself is loaded... Try it *whistling*


    new attributes:
    - <events> - onpreviewcomplete, onloadcomplete (experimental at the moment, warning - can interfere with "onstart")

    reference: krpano 1.0.8 beta 6 Documentation

    Hope this can help. *wink*


  • hi job.1,

    I have tryed your code but for me it is not working... *sad*
    I used the example video-hotspot included in the Kpano package as the base to try...

    This is the code:

    I have tried to put the action(playbutton); in an other <events> attribute, onxmlcomplete (because it is sure it is working... the sowtext() is done from this attribute), but it do not work... *sad*

    Can you confirm that is working for you?

    Merci, Salut.

  • Try with this one

  • Hi Job.1, Hi Benjmin,

    Then I do not understand what I am doing wrong...

    After trying again and again, I press the O key to view the debugger window....
    there is a WARNING: unknown action command: hotspot[videospot].resume

    Why *question*

    I am using krpano 1.0.8 beta 8 (build 2009-06-15) on FIREFOX and local server...

    an other thing ...

    I have tried the following:

    <events onloadcomplete="showtext([b][i]krpano[br]video hotspot example[/i][/b], infostyle);"

    instead of:

    <events onxmlcomplete="showtext([b][i]krpano[br]video hotspot example[/i][/b], infostyle);"

    The first code onloadcomplete do not work for me (then I do not understand why it work for Benjamin)
    The second code onxmlcomplete work like expected.

    *question* *question* *question*

    Any idea?
    Edited: in a other thread, Klaus explains: link to thread reference


    maybe you mean - "onloadcomplete" - this will be called when the loading of the images was done

    this is why onloadcomplete does not work on my example... there is no <image /> on it *attention* --- End

    Thank you, Michel.

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  • Hi Job.1,

    Sorry... do not see your reply before my one.... *unsure*

    I just tried your code... but for me it does not work... *sad*

    The debugger show nothing .. no WARNINGS

    But I notice that on your code:

    onloadcomplete="showtext([b][i]krpano[br]video hotspot example[/i][/b], infostyle);action(playbutton);"

    and this make that the showtext() action is not executed yet (edited: not any more executed ) for me. *attention* *attention* *attention*

    *question* *question* *question*

    Thank you for your help in trying to understand and learn more about Krpano.


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  • Hi Job.1,

    I have modified your code this way,
    your code:

    <events onloadcomplete= "showtext([b][i]krpano[br]video hotspot example[/i][/b], infostyle);action(playbutton);"/>

    modified code,

    <events onxmlcomplete="showtext([b][i]krpano[br]video hotspot example[/i][/b], infostyle);action(playbutton);"/>

    now the showtext() action return to be executed and the Debugger return showing the warning:
    WARNING: unknown action command: hotspot[videospot].play

    Bizare *attention*

    Do not understand.. *cry*

    thank you, Michel.

  • Hi,

    The same... It does not work... and the showtext() action does not appear... *confused*
    Syntax must be correct... I do a copy/paste of your code.

    2on try changing action on onloadcomplete to onxmlcomplete (like explained before) ...

    the result is: the showtext() action is executed correctly... and the Debugger say:

    WARNING: unknown action command: hotspot[videospot].resume

    *rolleyes* *rolleyes* *rolleyes*

    "Qu'est ce que" *question* *attention*

    Thanks again, Michel.

  • Hi,

    Your code: (ma copie de ton code)

    the modified code: <events onloadcomplete= ... changed to <events onxmlcomplete=...

    Merci, Michel.

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