Missing thumbnails in mobile viewing for vtour

  • After creating a virtual tour for a client a few years ago using version 1.08, the client has finally agreed the tour needs to be compatible for mobile devices. We had a lot of bells and whistles on the old (all-Flash) version that we wanted to keep so I took all of the panos and created a new tour using Make Vtour tool. I am trying to have one link that detects whether the user should look at flash version or mobile/html5 version. The detection appears works fine and the (old) Flash version works fine. Everything about the html5 tour works except for thumbnails, they do not come up when prompted (I am viewing on iphone 5):


    The vtour works fine when I upload to a directory as it was created and do not try to do any detection, but I guess something about the detection is causing thumbnails not to load or do I need to update some files? Or is it not possible? Any ideas?

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