My Videos Not Working On Ipad

  • Hi,

    I have been trying to get the video plugin to work on the ipad for the last few days without success, client is being very patient.

    It doesnt seem to be working on the ipad or android(tested on Galaxy S3)

    I dont own or have access to an ipad, im relying on the ipad simulator running in firefox, and the video works in the simulator but my client says it is not working.

    The videos are being converted using Miro with the ipad settings.

    I would really appreciate any help that would get this fixed asap.


  • I'm chiming in that I'm seeing the same thing. I'm brand new to KRPano, and am trying to use it to put together a multimedia (VR panos, video, stills) tour.

    With version 1.16.4, I have simple flat videos working on Mac (both flash and strict HTML5 modes), and iPhone, but not on iPad. I can confirm this with not only a real iPad, but I _also_ get the same exact behavior on Safari in the iPad simulator that comes with Xcode.

    Anyone have any clues? Thanks much!

  • OK, I fixed this, by hand-hacking the videoplayer.js file. As it turns out, when you want to play html5 video on the iPad, the javascript MUST set the ".controls" tag of the video document to "true". Otherwise, not only is the video not "controllable", but it doesn't even show up.

    As far as how other people can apply this fix, I'll attach the new videoplayer.js file, and describe what I did:
    1) I had to make it look like real source code again;
    2) I added "b.controls=true;" right before the "b.load()" in the "function p(c){" block;
    3) you'll see in the file that I have a bunch of "debugging alert" statements that have been commented out.

    I hope the fix can be applied into the real release soon so I don't have to maintain a separate version.... (Hey, I don't own KRPano yet, can I get a discount for debugging the thing?)

    TA Photographic

  • Try removing the options from the alturl



  • Hello

    I am having the same problem with my IPAD. Tried everything suggestion on the forum but can't get my IPad to show the video. It works OK on the PC.


  • I'm also having a problem running a video on the ipad. On iphone or desktop it works. I did notice when using onvideocomplete it doesn't load, but when I simply use onclick with a toggle pause it does load and plays, but is erratic stop play behavior. I tried the suggested solutions without luck. Any word on a resolution?



  • with miro converter i choose mp4 format and i can see the video in this dispositive:
    - pc (chrome, firefox, safari,ie)
    - tablet android (galaxy note 10.1) firefox, chorme (problem in default browser);
    - ipad

    this my problem: to start the video are necessary two mouse click over poster image (in chorme) while in firefox it is sufficient one click over first frame.
    so is there a possibility to have automaticaly start video on mobile device (tablet smartphone)?

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