hotspot scale ... html5 VS flash

  • Hi

    I do not know if it is only me or the look of the hotspots on HTML5 is way bigger than flash ... i am using the latest versions of players & scripts
    is there a way to control this?


  • Try scaling differently on device bases: E.g.:

    <plugin name="grb_osijek" url="%SWFPATH%/images/grb_osijek.png" align="lefttop" keep="true" alpha="1" scale="1" handcursor="false" visible="false" x="10" y="10" zorder="9" onhover="" onclick=""/><krpano devices="mobile"><plugin name="grb_osijek" scale="0.5"/></krpano><krpano devices="html5"><plugin name="grb_osijek" scale="0.7"/></krpano>

    See devices here: link

  • thanks for you advice :)

    i thought there is a hotspot property that controls this without duplicating the hotspot ... there are tours where i have 100 hotspots ... i wouldn't want to make 2-300 :)


  • It is duplication of hotspots. It is redefinition of scale property based on device type.
    Even so, this can be significant code behind.

    Think about usage of onloaded attribute.
    E.g. define your hotspot style and put something like this there:

  • I can see the chance people think their hotspots/plugins are to big on e.g. Ipad. As they have huge native desktop resolutions where all work is prepared and than when testing on real devices which have lower resolutions it might be the case of relative size looks bigger. This happens to me when both new monitor with huge resolution *huh*

  • For such situation using a <style> with different devices settings might be the easiest solutions,

    <style name="hotspotstyle" .... scale="1.0" devices="desktop" />
    <style name="hotspotstyle" .... scale="0.5" devices="tablet" />
    <style name="hotspotstyle" .... scale="0.5" devices="mobile" />


    <hotspot name="spot1" ... style="hotspotstyle" ... />
    <hotspot name="spot2" ... style="hotspotstyle" ... />
    <hotspot name="spot3" ... style="hotspotstyle" ... />

    Best regards,

  • Quote

    i honestly do not understand how can this be an xml issue :(

    But it's one *wink*

    The link to the pano doesn't work, but the xml one and there I found this hotspot xml code:

    <hotspot ... altscale="1" ... scale="0.3" ... />

    See here:

    With 'altscale' an 'alternative scaling' for HTML5 will be defined and this overrules the normal scale setting, so in HTML5 the scaling is 1.0 and on Flash its 0.3.

    Best regards,

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