Side Menu Plugin (new plugin from today)

  • Hi all

    I want to inform you that from today in section plugins there is new xml based plugin "Side Menu Plugin" for automatic menu structure and all graphic elements placement on your pano.
    No need for advanced coding. Follow the easy to use instruction and use examaple for your needs. It is free to use. Feel free to adapt the code for your needs.

    Link to plugin

    Thanks for those of you testing it during development and helping me to improve it.
    Feedback and improvement proposals are welcome.


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  • hello,
    I use this plugin but I dont succeed.

    I have virtual tour =>
    1- building A
    a- section 1 => VTOUR (MULTIRES) droplet 10 panos (example section1.xml)
    b- section 2 => VTOUR (MULTIRES) droplet 5 panos (example section2.xml)

    2- building B
    a- section 1 ...
    b- section 2 ...

    3- ...

    for example menu first click is work pano.
    but second click
    INFO: krpano 1.16.6 (build 2013-08-09)
    INFO: Flashplayer WIN 11.8.800.94 ActiveX
    INFO: registered to: Yasar Canturk
    WARNING: Locally not trusted - ExternalInterface NOT available!
    ERROR: XML parsing failed - TypeError: Error #1009
    ERROR: loadscene() - scene "scene_01_marmara_evleri_1_lise_koridor" not found

    this error why?

    The best of people, the most beneficial to people. Hz. Mohammed

  • Seams you mixed xml and scene loading. Also seams you want to merge two or more panoramas with this plugin and that is not the purpose of it.
    The best would be you to send me the code on PM or mail (prefered) and I will take a look.
    Code below is confusing. You are loading separate xml for each panorama and still have scene load error that mean there is loadscene/loadxml mix in the code.
    Plugin can load both but without the code I can't help you more.

  • Hi,

    Could anyone please let me know how to change the code so that just the 'Menu' tab is visible when the tour starts instead of the default open menu with background like in the example?

    I'd like to let people open it themselves by clicking on 'Menu' rather than it be there straight away.

    Many thanks,


  • quick solution would be:
    - change background_x="0" =>

    <menu_settings background_width="250"

    - change visiblity of the btn_menu plugin in the onloaded part of definition:

    <plugin name="btn_menu"....
    set(plugin[btn_menu].onclick, slide_menu_right(); );"

    This two changes are all you need to change.

  • Nice but… I wanted to use this plugin, but unfortunately it turned out that it is only suitable for fullscreen mode, or when few items in groups.
    When height of the window is 800 pixels, when twice smaller of the logo(in the example), fits no more than 18 elements in the group!
    Not a universal variant unfortunately *unsure*

    Panoreal — to make and see this wonderful world! *whistling*

  • You are partially right. This version on side menu is not for unlimited number of items.But the code is open and with just a few tweaks you can make easy 30 items in the list on 800px height even with Klaus GUI on it. Here you can see my test:

    Have already prepared scrolling version but still no ready ;(

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