Side Menu Plugin (new plugin from today)

  • i want your side menufor example in this online test
    in furniture group just show menu of furniture scenes

    and in clean one just menu of clean scenes

    ----a code of change links of scenes with id="clean" or "furniture" dynamically ----

    the source file
    menu one this code :

    <group name="level_1">
        	<group name="object_1" value="FLOOR 1 - FLUR" link="loadscene(scene_1_furniture,null,MERGE,BLEND(0.5))" />

    menu two or a code that change code dynamically to :

    <group name="level_1">
        	<group name="object_1" value="FLOOR 1 - FLUR" link="loadscene(scene_1_clean,null,MERGE,BLEND(0.5))" />
  • Hey there!

    I want to add menu to the project to work with current skin. Is it possible to make it work?

    i've include both

    <include url="skin/vtourskin.xml" />

    <include url="plugins/sidemenu.xml" />
    add <group ...> section but menu shows empty. If i comment out skin include section - menu works as expected.

  • hello!
    I was usually getting a lot of good information through the krpano forum.
    I'm new to VR, so my skills are inexperienced.
    I had a question while making the side menu, so I asked a question.
    What I'm wondering is,
    At level_0, the word '외부' (red square) is After clicking on level_0
    I want it to be displayed at the level_1 blue rectangle position.
    I would be very grateful if you could tell me how.

  • Hello! Tiny problem with the plugin.

    1. How can we resize the logo on mobile version?
    2. Is there a way I can create a popup button of disclaimer at the bottom of the menu? The paragraph should slide up once the Disclaimer button is clicked.

    Many thanks for your help!

  • Some of you posted me requests to add thumbs on the side menu.
    Here is example with thumbs online: Link

    Updated code is here:
    Package (new xml files + thumb folder example) is: here

    Hope this is what some of you have asked for?
    Note: this version might need some testing so if you find some bugs please report directly on my mail or PM. Thx

    This link is no longer working, can anyone help with adding thumbnails in the side menu? thanks *confused* *confused*

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